5 Best Smoothie Blenders In India | Buyer’s Guide 2021

Whether you are a gym freak or a person who always on the go. A Smoothie Blender is must have companion and giving a spot at your home or kitchen to it will be totally worth. Irrespective of your reason to land here, whether you wish to replace your broken or old Smoothie Blender or wish to gift yourself an affordable yet powerful Smoothie Blender, this is the guide where you quest for the Best Smoothie Blenders in India will end.

Although there are numerous available options and nobody have that much time which can take on the research process in order to choose the best among the rest. That is why we have created this guide for you in which we have reviewed and selected the top Smoothie Blenders which you can find in Indian market after putting multiple hours and extensive research.

With the ever changing lifestyle especially our recent encounter with something which we have only dreamed of, above all unfortunate things and bad things happened, it did gave us something precious which is the value of immune system and health. That is why we people are changing their way towards the eating habits. No matter what happened but our pace and busy lifestyle won’t take any hit that is where Smoothie Blender comes in action which will let you enjoy thick, tasty and content rich smoothie quickly to give you a headstart towards your next day to day task.

The concern arises when we have to make a choice from multiple options undoubtedly we neither have time and nor we want to try each product before finalising one. That is why we at TrendyBee suggest going with reviews where our aim is to provide you only the best product which are top in class yet are Trendy as well.

Which Are The Best Smoothie Blenders in India

Here we have put the complete list of Best Blenders for Smoothies which are available in Indian Market.

BlenderJar Capacity
Wonderchef Nutri-Blend500 and 300 ml
Nutri Ninja BL480 Blender500 and 650 ml
La’ Forte La Vite Cherie -Compact500 ml
Nutribullet PRO High Speed Blender500 and 700 ml
Balzano High Speed Smoothie MakerĀ 500 ml
Top Smoothie Blenders In 2021

What To Look For While Choosing Smoothie Blender

Here is a brief guide for you which will help you in choosing the best blender for Smoothie.

Motor Speed

The motor speed is what decides the overall capacity and load it can take smoothly. We are not going to make simple shakes and often blend the dry fruits and nuts while making our Smoothie. A powerful motor which is rated in Watts gives you an idea that whether you can use it for tough blending.

An Ideal Motor speed and watt for smoothie blender would be 500 watt as we will be blending dry fruits, ice and other stuff as well which requires a powerful motor.


Although the blenders usually don’t have much features but the most common like the Speed options and other basic features should be considered.

The Motor speed controller and auto turn off are the most sought features.

Apart from that, few expensive Smoothie blenders have Pulse Action feature where you can give direction with respect to your blend type and it will automatically blend it for precise results.

Jar Size

The Jar capacity also needs to be looked upon as if you have big family or there are multiple persons who wish to get the Smoothie at a single time then you might end up using your smoothie blender multiple times if it does have less capacity.


The most common reason people start getting fed up with their Smoothie Makers as they start producing more sound and giving less content. That is why always go with a trusted brand so that in long run it will be smooth journey.

Ease of cleansing

Imagine getting so much waste product which got stuck in your Smoothie maker and Jar and you are tired of putting efforts in order to clean it up. That is why the high quality Blenders for Smoothie comes up with perfect design and coating so that the cleaning process become much easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best smoothie blender for home use?

There are multiple options available in Smoothie makers which are ideal for home use, few of them are La’ Forte, Wonderchef, Nutribullet etc.

Are Smoothie Maker and Smoothie Blender Same?

Smoothie Makers are focussed on making the Smoothies without taking any hard task due to less power wattage of their motors, whereas, the Blenders have powerful motor which grind and blend all kind of stuff in your kitchen.

Are Smoothie Blenders worth in 2021?

Irrespective of multipurpose Juicer and Blenders which have arrived in market, the Smoothie Blenders and Makers are easy to use and being loved by millions.

Can I put Ice in Smoothie Makers?

Yes you can put Ice, nuts, dry fruits and normal fruits in your Smoothie maker to give it a rich taste.

Is it better to drink Smoothie everyday?

Smoothies are being made from the whole fruit in addition with milk and other healthy beverages. It is completely healthy to enjoy Smoothie Everyday.

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