Best Face Primers in India That Will Leave You Flawless and Fresh!

Have you ever thought of sleeping on a bed full of dust without cleaning it up just like that makeup without primer is of no use? That’s why this guide has been created in which you will see the Best Face Primers in India and why they have been most loved.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best primers available in India for different skin types. We have given reviews of six different primers as well as two reviews from customers who have used these products.

Wondering if it’s necessary to use a primer before makeup application? So yes, to keep your face and eye makeup stay all day long, you should wear your makeup only after applying the primer. There are numerous Face primers available in India which all claim to be the best.

Different primers can be used on the face, lips, nails, and even on your eyelashes. Not does it only creates a smooth base but, also makes the application of your makeup easier.

So without further adieu check out the Best Primers for Face which are available in India.

You don't have to use much makeup if, you have done the base with a primer. The main purpose of the primer is, to prepare your skin before you apply the makeup, as it fills in the open pores, fades your blemishes, and gives your skin a smooth touch. Also, it makes your skin look flawless.

For a natural makeup look, just follow your CTM routine and then apply face primer followed by foundation because primer must only be applied on clean and moisturize skin. The primer on your face looks as beautiful as the fondant looks on your yummylicious cake.

Once you will apply your makeup with the primer, you’ll start feeling like you are a Queen. It’s no figment of imagination but, realistically primer blurs, hide, and even out your skin texture which, makes your face happy and glowing.

The protecting layer of the primer, acts as a blocking bar between the skin and your makeup by restricting the bacteria present in the makeup, to enter into your open pores and control the skin’s natural oils.

What are the different types of face primers available in India?

A wide range of makeup primers are available in the Indian market to choose from but, ultimately the choice of primers completely depends upon the skin type and the concerns you have.

So to choose a perfect primer for yourself, firstly figure out your skin texture and the results you are after. Despite the form of a primer, the most commonly used primers are tinted primer, silicone-free primers, mattifying primers, and color-correcting primers. Let’s discuss them separately.

  • Tinted Primer: Tinted primer comes both in gel and liquid form that can be used for complete coverage on your skin. To hide fine lines and wrinkles on the face for a light natural look, you can even wear a tinted primer without using foundation.
  • Mattifying Primer: What serves the best base for your oily skin type is a matte primer, as it ensures that your makeup won’t melt or create a crease. Make a perfect Canvas for your makeup to sit smoothly and last longer with the mattifying primer, that helps you to blur your pores, smoothens the fine lines, and evens out your skin tone. To tackle the oil production in your skin, the silicone-based primer will make your skin smoother than smooth and give it a clean finish post makeup.
  • Silicone-free Primer: Silicon is the common ingredient in makeup primers because it has the potential to fill in fine lines and pores but it’s not for everyone. Not to worry go for a silicone-free face primer, a hero product.
  • Color-Correcting Primer: Thinking of concealing the dark circle’s redness and discoloration? Then here comes to your rescue is color correcting primers. Generally, you will find that most primers are clear or white and leave your skin with no color residue. Color correcting primers comes in different colors such as green, yellow, orange, or purple. To lighten the undesired color of your skin, color-correcting primers are used. These primers are basically made for all skin types. For instance, if you want to tone your redness, then green primer would work and will balance the skin color and soften your imperfections. Similarly, a yellow one will help to conceal the spot you have on your cheeks, forehead, and chin. For battling with the dullness and pale skin, you can use a purple color corrector to brighten up your skin.

Silicone-based primer vs. water-based primer

Which type of primer should be chosen that will best suit your skin and make your makeup stay for long? Silicone-based primer or Water-based primer should be used? Let’s learn the difference between the silicon-based primer and water-based primer.

The silicone-based primer contains the ingredients that have a name ending in -dimethicone, -silicone, -cone, or -silonane. This primer promises the benefits like a waterproof, silky, photo finish, and high definition. They would work on acne, scars, rough spots, filling in pores, fine lines, and creates a barrier, to protect your skin from surrounding elements.

Whereas, water-based primers disseminate in your skin easily than silicone-based primers due to being lighter and thinner. But, water-based primers are not completely silicone-free. It is ideal for those, who have dry skin or eczema. By the type of primer, the same foundation type should be used, or the foundation won’t spread or absorb in your skin well.

How to Apply the Face Primers

In few simple steps, you will learn to apply a makeup primer. All you need is a primer and clean fingertips.

  • The important step is to clean your face then tone your skin with the toner or serum and then apply moisturizer.
  • After the CTM routine, take your primer in small quantity at the backside of your hand and apply it on your face gently with your fingertips.
  • Once the primer will blend into your skin, it will look even tone, and application of your foundation will become easier.
  • But, before applying a foundation, will have to wait for 7-8 minutes to let the primer sink in and creating a smooth base.
  • Now you are all set to apply the foundation. Looking for a natural look, then you can skip the foundation.

How to Choose the Best Face Primer in India?

Picking up the one from never-ending options is surely a very complicated task and below are the few points which will sort it out and give you a better clarity through which you can pick the Best Primer for your face which are available in India.

  • Brand: Different kinds of makeup primers have been brought up to the market by multiple beauty brands. But it’s always confusing to choose a primer that can be rightly added to your makeup routine. There are many options to choose from the type of primer which is most suitable for you. Do you really need setting sprays after you are done with your makeup? Rather I would suggest using the right primer along with the powder than using setting sprays. Using the right primer with the powder will make your makeup stay longer and do not need anything else to use.
  • Ingredients: The makeup primers are water-based and silicone-based. The ingredients contained in the facial primers are grape seed extract, green tea extract, cyclomethicone, and dimethicone. Some primers contain antioxidants like A, C, and E. Some does not involve the use of ingredients such as additives, oils, or fragrances
  • Skin Suitability: Don’t forget to note that if you have really sensitive skin then, using the primer in your daily routine may prove to be harmful to you as primers can clog your pores. So use the primer wisely. Silicon is present in almost all the primers but, too much of its use can harm your skin. In this case, you should choose the one that has a lower silicon content. Therefore, it’s prudent to splurge some extra amount on a good primer for your skin sustainability.

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