Best Cold Press Juicer India | Buying Guide 2021

The Cold Press Juicers in India are heading towards a more trendy lifestyle. Since ages India was believer in normal diets, small exercise and didn’t get more affection towards a particular diet based lifestyle. In this guide we have demonstrated the Best Cold Press Juicers which you can find in India for home use.

Whether you are a gym goers or someone who chooses the healthy lifestyle and wish to load nutritional stuff in your body. Without the Cold Press Juicer, it can not reach up to the mark of your fitness focussed diet.

In india we always sees our body as temple and when it comes to this new modern era hectic lifestyle, the nutritional values in body can not be fetched from normal diets, although people will find that it is good we are following only basic diet without taking fluids and performing good, but on a serious note, You never know how much potential you have until you change your diet and see the results by yourself.

It’s not ideal to go everyday and get Cold Pressed Juices from market where they give more of water than the actual healthy Juice, neither it is preferrable to chose those packet juice which comes up with Flavours and Chemical ingredients to let them stay for longer period of time. All in all, that becomes unhealthy and you only spend your money in return of the normal fluids where in worst scenario you might start feeling lazy instead energetic.

That is why it’s always preferable that you should get food, store them in our home and get a fresh Healthy Cup of Juice straight from these Best Cold Press Juicers which we have deeply researched and reviewed in our guide.

Best Cold Press Juicers and Slow Juicers in India 2021

Kuvings B1700 Best Overall
AGARO Р33293 Imperial Best Budget
Hestia Appliances Nutri-MaxBest Rated
Kuvings EVO-Series ProfessionalBest Professional
Philips VivaBest For Home
Best Cold Press/Slow Juicer In India 2021

Best Cold Press Juicers India – Buying Guide 2021

How To Choose The Best Cold Press Juicer in India

1. Type Of Slow and Cold Press Juicer

First and foremost, know the type of Cold/Slow Juicer which are available in market. Normally there are only two main types which these Juicers come in.

  • Vertical Masticating Juicer: These Cold/Slow Press Juicers have difference only in body shape. In Vertical Masticating Juicer, the orientation is top to bottom where the Chute (Fruit holder) can be on top or bottom depending on the build of the Juicer. Although these are comparatively expensive than the Horizontal Masticating Cold Press Juicers, but the compact size high yield and better functionality makes worth of those extra bucks.
  • Horizontal Masticating Juicer: The body shape of these Cold Press Juicers are horizontal where the Chute for containing fruits is aligned on either one of the side. They are less expensive and takes more size in kitchen. Still few people prefer these due to their overall build quality and long life span which is a topic of debate still.

2. Ease Of Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintaining is among the most important aspect which can make or break your relationship with your Cold Press Juicer. As the overall methodology of these Juicers contains multiple part and unlike the mixer grinders, the work and efforts it takes to grind and press the content and give you fresh high yield Juice without any byproduct is much more. That is why sometimes it becomes a bit of hassle to clean up them.

Always prefer the Cold Press Juicer which does require less efforts in cleaning although you might end up finding the tricks to clean them up in jiffy still, it is preferable to save time and effort.

3. Yield

The overall juicing process results in the Yield quantity, the Yield here doesn’t indicate the quantity of Juice but the Quality of Juice. The normal Mixers and Juicers have high rotating blades which flocks the complete fruit and does give more Juice, but in reality, the Juice yield gets reduced with that method.

That is why the Slow Juicers and Cold Press Juicers have their priorities and methodologies straight and gives you high quality Juice with more yield by pressing the fruit slowly one by one that also reduces the chances of Oxidation which is also a factor to reduce the overall Yield.

4. Speed

The Cold Press Juicers as well as Slow Pressure Juicer rotate at very low speed in order to get the best yield. The average rotating speed of these juicers motor is 40-70 RPM (Rotation per minute) unlike the conventional normal Juicers which rotates at 3000-10000 RPM.

Due to their slow rotating speed the power wattage is low resulting in less consumption of electricity.

5. Sound

The main turn off factors related to any kind of Juicers is their Noise level. It should always be considered while choosing the one which will be ideal to not give you any kind of irritations specially early mornings.

The ideal Noise level for the Best Cold Press Juicer is around 50-60 decibel which if you hear is normal to ears and won’t irate you resulting in boost up morning start.

6. Affordability & Budget

Unlike the normal Juicers, The Cold Press and Slow Juicers are bit expensive due to their quality mechanism and good build quality.

Although you end up spending more bucks to get them, but it will be only one time investment which will give your family a healthy lifestyle which is perfect worthy.

Overall the Cold Press Juicers are very affordable on a long term basis, whether you wish to compare it with the packet juice like Real or Tropicana, or wish to collate with your outdoor Juice expenses.

7. Multitasking Features

Almost every Cold Press Juicer comes up with multi features like apart from the Normal Fresh Fruit Juice you can get the Mix Fruit Juice, Smoothies, Sorbets and even your own kind of recipes if you wish to blend everything putting ice and some ice cream with some cherry or dry fruits on top of them. You name it and your experiments will give you different results which altogether will be healthy no matter what you end up.

8. Ease of Use

Although to give you a head start with overall process, Cold Press Juicers comes up with the user manual with which you can easily manage and understand the whole process and parts.

Still there are certain points which you can look upon like the removable parts accessibility which eventually affects the maintenance and cleaning up.

  • Chute: It is the size of container where you have to put your fruits. Comes in different sizes but as per our suggestion you should stick with the mid range Feeding Chute Size Cold Press Juicer, reason, it will be easy to control, maintain and beneficial for kids. As they tend to take a look at everything and might end up hurting themselves if the size of the Feeding Chute or container is big enough.
  • Juice Collector: It totally depends on the number of juice you wish to get from one time usage of the Cold Press Juicers and an ideal Juice Container Size is 1-2 glasses where you can increase it to 3-4 if the family size is big enough and everyone start their routine at the same time.
  • Pulp Ejection: This is important as with the functioning of the Cold Press Slow Juicers, the pulp gets collected into the Pulp collector and the overall design of that container determine the efforts you might end up putting to clean that up. Although you do not have to worry much, due to the Slow juicing mechanism, the pulp quantity or residue is minimum which gets stick together making it easy to extract it from the container into the bowl for cleaning.

10. Warranty

Although with the current market trend, where the customer service is among the main factors in order to gain faith of their customers every brand tend to provide a warranty on their product which range anywhere from 1-3 Years. An Ideal warranty period for any Cold Press Juicer is 2 Years which can be extended easily by contacting the brand and makers.

Health Benefits Of Cold Pressed Juices

The Cold Pressed Juices has always upper hand when comes to comparing them with packeted or Juice Sachet as well as the Juice shops which in order to provide more quantity mixes the Ice and water.

The Slow mechanism through which the Cold Pressed or Slow Juice get prepared is self explanatory in itself as that results in providing the best yield and freshest Juice which you can get anywhere.

Major Health Benefits Of Cold or Slow Pressed Juices

  • Best Nutritional Values
  • Fresh and Content Rich
  • Less Oxidation
  • Last Longing
  • Highly Concentrated

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