Must Have Items for Men’s Closet

It’s obvious that styles shift every now and then as the time vary, the characteristics for a well-dressed man remains classic. Unarguably, not every man would have the same piece of apparels in their wardrobe. But there are certain essential pieces that must be owned by men to complete their wardrobe. There are certain items that goes well with every occasion, investing on it would be a wise decision. To ensure that you are well-dressed, listed below are the 10 pieces that would represent the perfect, masculine wardrobe.

A White Button-Down Shirt

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The charm of white button shirt can never be replaced. It is one of those rare piece of clothing that goes well with almost everything starting from effortless worn with a suit for a casual look, beneath a jumper to paired with slim chinos and a statement belt. A white button-down shirt is the niftiest item in a men’s wardrobe. Go for a shirt cut from a thick, soft one.

Denim Jacket

Denim jacket men is one of the most multi-purpose pieces of clothing, it can be effortlessly worn under an unlined navy blazer or with a simple. The best look to pair with a denim jacket men is casuals.

Dark Shaded Denim Jeans

Though skinny jeans are in trend, you can surely go for the classic pair of straight cuts, dark denims. It goes extremely well with a sports jacket or with a polo neck tee.

Blue Blazer

Irrespective of the number of suits you own, a blue blazer is remarkable and best to further extent your collection of the suits owned by you. For business purpose, you can pair it up with lighter pants. For a concert night, you can also pair the blazer along with a graphic tee. Getting it stitched would be the best option for a perfect look.


It’s been distinguished that button up shirts are too formal and T-shirt’s are way too formal. The best solution to manage both is to go for Polo, they are a perfect blend of both the styles.  Go for subtle patters while shopping for Polos as it would help you flaunt your personal style without going out of the box to develop a style statement.

To conclude, it’s best to not to comprise with the quality of the above mentioned items , it might be a bit expensive that various other things in your closet but is definitely worth it.

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