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6 Common Men’s Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

Developing a personal style statement can be challenging task for men. Clothing options for them are quite limited which would give them thoughts that the outfits are either too mature or are juvenile to choose from which means men’s have higher probabilities of making a blunder when it comes to fashion and to avoid fashion blunder, listed below are the most common fashion mistakes for men that needs to be avoided.

Trousers that are too long

Image result for Trousers that are too long

Extra long trousers can make you look shorter and sloppy.

Square Toe Shoes

Image result for Square Toe Shoes

Square Toes Shoes are the most outdated form of shoes to put on.

Jacket sleeves longer that the shirt’s

Image result for Jacket sleeves longer that the shirt’s

Jacket sleeve allowing the visibility of ½ inch of shirt cuff is recommended by experts.

Undone shirt buttons

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Too look professional, never unbutton more than 2 buttons.

Visibility of Undershirt

Image result for visiblr Undershirt

Visibility of undershirt is not needed as it can make you look infantile.

Always Matchy-Matchy

Image result for Always Matchy-Matchy tie pin pocket

Never wear both, a matching tie and pocket square set together.

Its obvious that nothing remains forever, not even the fashion trends. Apart from following the fashion trends it’s also important to avoid the possible mistakes to look perfect. By avoiding these mistakes, men’s can up their style game.

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